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Lost and Found

Lost Property

If you believe that you may have lost an item or items, you should first check our found property listing shown below. If your property is not included on the list below, you may contact us by email at and describe the property that was lost while also providing us valid contact information so we can contact you should it be found. Please be very descriptive of the lost property in the email.

Found Property

Property turned into our staff will be checked for identifying information and if located, the owner shall be notified by telephone or email, within 24 hours. Any items left unclaimed for more than 90 days will be disposed of; either by auction, charitable donation, or by waste receptacle as decided by the Chief of Police or designee.


We maintain a log of found items that are available for review. As mentioned above, all property turned into our staff will be held for 90 days prior to disposal, with the exception of the following:

  • Clothing, which will be disposed of in 10 days;
  • All driver's license/State identification cards not claimed within 5 days will be destroyed;
  • Credit or debit cards not claimed within 5 days will be disposed of by shredding or cutting.

Any item considered to be a health risk, in poor condition, or unusable, food items, or food containers will be disposed of immediately. The below listing of property will be updated weekly. Should you believe an item on the list may belong to you, please record the property number and schedule an appointment to view/claim the property by emailing


Property No. Date Found Property Type Status
22-0062 07/26/2022 Wallet Claimed
22-0063 07/27/2022 Cell Phone Claimed
22-0064 08/18/2022 Wallet Claimed
22-0065 08/18/2022 Bracelet  
22-0066 08/22/2022 Stuffed Animal  
22-0067 08/24/2022 Cell Phone Claimed
22-0068 08/24/2022 Cell Phone Claimed
22-0069 08/24/2022 Wallet Claimed
22-0070 08/25/2022 Glasses  
22-0071 08/25/2022 Wallet Claimed
22-0072 08/26/2022 Purse Claimed
22-0073 08/30/2022 Wallet  
22-0074 08/31/2022 Cell Phone Claimed
22-0075 08/31/2022 Cell Phone Claimed
22-0076 09/02/2022 Wallet Claimed
22-0077 09/09/2022 Cell Phone Claimed
22-0078 09/09/2022 Headphones  
22-0079 09/12/2022 Cell Phone Claimed
22-0080 09/16/2022 Credit Card / Cash  
22-0081 09/20/2022 Wallet  
22-0082 09/20/2022 Headphone case  
22-0083 09/22/2022 Ring