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Police Detail Request


Special Events

Security Policy:  This policy applies to all on-campus events such as athletic events, university sponsored parties, university sponsored dances, private events, and any social and/or production events held on or off campus. This includes events for the university community only, as well as those open to the public. Both university affiliated and non-affiliated/outside groups are required to comply with this policy. Adequate safety, security and crowd management are integral aspects of event planning, intended to minimize actual and potential risk to all parties. Since the university can be held liable for any activity that takes place on its property, the execution of this policy is mandatory for such events described above. For the purposes of this policy, a paid special event security detail shall mean any additional university police officer(s) or other LUPD personnel requested by a university department (other than LUPD),  a student organization, or an outside entity hosting an on or off campus event or any event determined by LUPD as necessary for security and safety reasons.

Overall Guidelines:

When Do I Need Special Events Officers?

Events that meet any one or more of the following criteria are subject to the enforcement of this policy:
  1. There will be 50 or more people attending.
  2. The public is invited.
  3. Alcohol will be served.
  4. You will have a controversial speaker/topic.
  5. Money will be collected.
  6. Event History
  7. Advertising – Sponsors are required to notify LUPD in advance of the event of the extent and method of advertising (including word of mouth, printed flyers, Facebook or any means via the internet, etc).
  8. Police involvement in past events by the sponsor or group, as reported in police reports.


How to Arrange for Special Events Officers

  1. Special Events Request Forms are located online, in Student Involvement Co-Curricular Programs Office and in the University Police headquarters (Biever Hall).
  2. The form must be completed in full, including the budget number and signed by the budget authority in advance. We also accept cash, approved credit cards with proper I.D. and checks from Loyola community members that are deposited at the university’s Bursar’s office. You are not permitted to pay university police officers directly nor are they permitted to solicit or accept any type of payments from an event sponsor.
  3. The form may be hand delivered or emailed to University Police not less than 10 days prior to your scheduled event.
  4. If you are not certain whether or not a detail is required, call the Assistant Director of Support Services Rachel Bobadilla at (504) 865-3563. Larger, more detailed events in some cases will require a meeting with the Chief of LUPD to address event security-to include such topics as staffing, parking, event set up, emergency procedures, etc.
  5. Special Events sponsors are urged to cooperate with LUPD in its efforts to insure adequate traffic control, fire watch, ambulance availability and crowd control during campus events.
  6. If you are requesting assistance with parking arrangements for your event, contact Parking and I.D. Services to coordinate your event parking needs at (504) 865-3000.

Staffing Level Guidelines:

  1. The Chief of LUPD, or designee, shall have sole discretion and make the ultimate determination of the number of officers to be assigned to a special event security detail especially where liquor is being served or if the event is controversial in any way. The decision of the Chief of LUPD, or designee, shall be final and binding on all parties, including the event organizer. 
  2. LUPD will review the history of any event for which security is requested. Events or groups with a history of violent or disruptive incidents will be required to have higher levels of security than those with no history.
  3. Advertising may greatly affect the nature of the attendees and the level of attendance. 
  4. Any false representation by an event sponsor may result in immediate increased security levels for that event at the current double time rate. If immediate increased staffing is not possible, the event may be cancelled at the supervisor’s discretion. This may also affect future event staffing or denial of permission to hold future events.
  5. Usually one officer is required for every 50-100 persons expected to attend an event and depending on the nature of the event, additional officers may be required.
  1. In some cases an LUPD officer may be required even when expected attendance may be less than 50 people.

Detail Rates:

  1. Event organizers are required to pay for LUPD staff at their event. Event organizers must pay for the 1/2 before the event to prepare and 1/2 hour after the event to close down, with a 3-hour minimum even if your event is less than three hours. Each officer is billed at $35.00 per hour X 3hrs = $105.00 per officer minimum. Rates are reviewed each year and are subject to change based on current LUPD personnel overtime rates.
  2. In some cases, dispatchers and other public safety personnel may be assigned for a special event with pre-approval (e.g. Residence Halls during Mardi Gras). The requestor will be billed at that employee’s current overtime rate.  
  3. If you fail to timely arrange for your detail, (10 day advance notice), the hourly rate will be the current double time rate for LUPD officers at $45.00 per hour or 3hrs X $45 = $135 minimum per officer). This rate also applies to official University Holiday dates. There are no exceptions.


  1. LUPD requires a notice of cancellation of a special events security detail from the event organizers at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the time the detail was scheduled to begin. If the organizers fail to make the notification within the above specified limit, any officer assigned to that special event shall be entitled to the minimum three (3) hour pay at the current special event rate.
  2. All payments must be received at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. Should the event be canceled at the last minute, the event organizers will still be responsible for fulfilling the payment obligations.
  3. Event organizers are responsible for costs with the following guidelines:
  • Notice greater than 48 Hours in advance of the event: Payment obligation is dismissed in full.
  • Within 48 Hours of event or no notice: Payment obligation equal to 3 hours at current special event rate per officer assigned.
  • Payment obligations for Non-Affiliated or Outside Group events, which are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, will be added to the Event Contract and appropriately billed. • All cancellations of special event security must be submitted in writing, or by email or in person to the Assistant Director of Support Services Rachel Bobadilla (x3563), or Deputy Chief Daniel Spangler (x3565) or to the Chief of LUPD (x3190).
  1. The LUPD may recommend the cancellation of an event if adequate preparations are not made for the safety and security of the attendees and our students, faculty, and staff.

University Police Responsibilities

The senior officer working a special event will be designated as the Officer in Charge (OIC) at that event unless a supervisor is also working.  They are responsible for assigning and supervising all officers working an event, maintaining a liaison with the sponsor or site leader, supervising all police activities and responses associated with the event and ensuring the safety of all event attendees and the campus community. The senior officer is responsible to the on-duty shift supervisor and shall communicate with that shift supervisor as needed. If an Event Leader disagrees with the decisions or actions of the OIC they should resolve the matter by direct consultation with the on-duty shift supervisor either by requesting them through the OIC or calling LUPD at (504) 865-3434.

Police Officer Duties – Officers are responsible for maintaining peace and security as well as assisting with medical requests for the event. The OIC will communicate with the Special Events Coordinator prior to the assigned special event and obtain any special instructions if available. The OIC will meet with the special events sponsor immediately upon arrival and review the needs for that event. The OIC will assign specific areas of responsibility for any other LUPD personnel assigned and will supervise the attention to their duties.  In general, officers will remain mobile and, without interfering with the normal safe operation of the event. Officers should be present during the entire course of the event as well as 30 minutes before and after it. If disturbances occur, officers will take the action necessary to maintain a safe environment and resolve the conflict.  LUPD will report infractions of the alcohol and illegal drug policies and violations of any university policy including the Student Code of Conduct. All enforcement actions by officers will be documented on an Incident Report completed by the OIC after the event. Officers will complete all necessary reports to document significant incidents and crimes occurring during an event.

Sponsor Group Responsibilities
Event Leader – The event sponsor must identify a single person to be in charge of the group’s responsibilities and act as the sponsor group supervisor.  This person will be the point of contact for the senior officer and must supervise all event activities.

The Chief of LUPD reserves the right to adjust this policy as needed, with/without notice, to ensure the safety and security of event attendees and all members of the Loyola University community.